Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A visit with Santa

Last year my sister and I took our girls to see Santa together and had the cutest pictures made of the two of them. We decided to try it again this year. It was no simple feat. I wanted to go so my mother and Russ came with me. One to push the wheelchair and one to chase our two year old. We visited the Picture People again because they have Santa there from 3 - 8 Monday - Thursday for pictures. This works out well for us because we can get pictures made of the girls alone, together and with Santa.

The photo shoot went amazingly well. Getting a two year old and almost 4 year old to look at the camera took some work but we did it. That poor photoghrapher.

Lawson loved Santa. I think she loved him so much that he was running from her by the end of the session. Rhiannon wasn't so sure. She refused to sit in his lap but decided she would stand beside him. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said "TOYS!!". Then immediately said "Bye Santa" which meant "Okay, you can go now." It was funny.

Notice in the picture how Santa is holding on to her.

Lawson is such a ham. Isn't she the cutest?
Here are pictures from last year.

And pictures from this year.

Lawson is holding onto Rhiannon here. Thanks Lawson!
Oh, and this is how I roll.

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Shelby said...

beautiful pictures!!!!