Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mommy loves hair photos

As your child grows up, I think you realize how big they are getting but for me, it isn't until I looked at pictures again from last Christmas that I realized how much my little Rhiannon has changed.

I took this picture before she left for a visit with Sweet Pea and YaYa because I loved the outift. The overalls were a gift from my friend Jessica last Christmas. They are from Pottery Barn Kids and are so soft and sweet. I loved them paired with the Converse sneakers.

I also took this one of her hair!

Rhiannon's hair is now so long that when it's wet it hits her lower back. It's so curly that you can't tell how long it truly is. The curls bring me to another interesting vent. I have straight hair. Well, not entirely straight. It's incredibly thick and when air dryed it has this very strange amazon like wave that would cause you to point and laugh at me if you saw it. But not these springy cute curls. I have no idea how to handle curls. Through trial and error, I have discovered that's it's best not to brush it. I comb it when it's wet and then let it air dry. To fix it, I will sometimes spray with water to refresh the curls. But most time, I just finger comb it and stick a bow in it (and then pray that she keeps the bow in). I have only cut it once, and that was to cut her bangs last Christmas. At this point, I'm scared to cut it because of the fear that I will cut off the curls and they won't come back!

I then found this picture from last Christmas and realize how much she truly has changed. My baby is growing up!

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Kate's Mom said...

ADORABLE! You are doing a FABULOUS job with her curls too!