Saturday, December 19, 2009

A quiet two year old

Another thing I have learned, it's a bad sign when my two year old is quiet.

One Saturday, Rhiannon was playing both in the living room and room. She's a very vocal two year old. She talks to us, herself, her dolls. . . or she sings.

When she's quiet, you should worry.

On this day, we walked back to her room and found this. . .
She had pulled every article of clothing out of every drawer in her dresser. And taken all of her dress up items out of the dress up basket.


She also has a little chalk board on the side of her kitchen set. I thought, what harm could she do with white chalk? Her furniture is already white right? I didn't think about the walls. . .

Uncle Timothy caught her in the corner of her room doodling on her walls with chalk. He called me in to show me.

Mommy: "Rhiannon, what it this?" In a stern voice as I am pointing to the chalk on the wall. Rhiannon: Looks at the wall, and then back at me, and says "A bunny." And smiles.

At that point, I just laughed.

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Kate's Mom said...

Its sooo hard to stay mad when they are SO cute! That smile on her face in the picture of her clothes says it all! :o)