Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pictures of my heart

Would you like to see a picture of my heart?

That's it.

This picture just melts me.

We had pictures taken for Rhiannon's 3 year and Henry's 6 months and they are without a doubt my favorite pictures yet. I have them all saved on my digital frame on my desk and it makes it really hard to concentrate at work.

Both kids were in such a great mood and the photographer was so awesome.

Check her and the rest of the pictures from the shoot at:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sticker Stinker

One day at work, my upper arm had been itching all day long. Finally at around 4pm that afternoon I discovered why.

A sticker. A smiley face sticker.
I had worn this sticker on my arm all day. To 3 meetings. To lunch. All day long.
It was similar to these that I found on the kitchen table.

I wonder who is responsible?
Yeah, I wonder.

Henry's First Hair Cut

I couldn't stand it anymore. Henry had these long pieces of baby hair that didn't fall out from birth. And they had gotten LONG. Like in his face long. And they got all greasy. And when the wind would catch them, my Angel looked like a little old man losing his comb over.

Out of control!!

So, I cut my 5 month old's hair.

I think I did a pretty good job.

The long pieces were darker than the new hair growing underneath so he looks like he got a cut and color!

Henry is still adjusting to it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

Can you feel it in the air? That hint of cool weather? The sky is a darker blue. The leaves are starting to change. Most people get really excited about fall. While I enjoy fall, I'm a summer girl. I'm perfectly fine with it being 100 million degrees year round. I even like the humidity. What's even sadder for me, is knowing that I'm going to have to pack up the closets of sweet sundresses and seersucker john-johns to never be seen on my babies again. Cold weather means covered legs with jeans and tights. I would much prefer naked piggies and sun kissed little scraped up knees.
Oh well.
I guess I should just enjoy it.
Football season is fun. And I do get to dress up the kids for that right?
Here's my little cheerleader. And no, I did not teach her how to stand like this. I was a basketball player remember? This was my mother's fault.
But cute.


Sunday, September 5, 2010


At 5 months, by baby boy got his first and second beautiful little teeth. I found this out when he bit me. And I'm not talking about my finger. . .
They're so cute though.

The poor guy also got his first two. . . ear infections. One in each ear.

Rhiannon NEVER had an ear infection so this is new for us. And the only reason I took Henry in to see the ped is because he was pulling on his ear while he ate his cereal. He never had a fever. Never cried. Never woke up at night. Never stopped nursing. What a trooper. Is this the same fussy baby I brought home 6 months ago?

We also found out from the doc that his top two teeth are coming in now.

That explains the biting again.