Thursday, February 15, 2007

6 weeks

Russ and I are 6 weeks pregnant!! It's been an eventful few weeks and I've tried to capture the highights below.

Fri, Jan 26
It had been a very long closing week at work and I was supposed to go out and meet Jan for a friends b-day. I knew I was a couple of days late so, I purchased a box of pregnancy tests and decided to go home and ease my mind. I took the test and it showed immediately one line, not pregnant. So, I wondered into the kitchen to eat some dinner. I came back into the bathroom a few minutes later and to suprise there were two lines!! I'm pregnant?? Really!! So I took two other tests. All of course positive. I canceled my plans for the night and got on line to see how far along I was. According the calendar online, we were 4 weeks pregnant. And our due date is October 4, our anniversary!!!
The next few hours lasted forever. I sat on my couch dying to get on the phone and tell everyone I knew but I had to wait until Russ got home from work to tell him first. So, I wrapped the tests in a small green box with a gold bow and gave it to him when he FINALLY got home as a "late birthday gift". He was so thrilled!!
So then we had to decide how to tell the family. We knew that we needed to tell them all at the same time but that getting them all together would be a dead give-away. So, we decided to tell them Superbowl Sunday since that was the day that Russ asked me on our first date 8 years ago. We made brunch plans at the Crains and dinner plans at the Lawsons. How were we going to keep this quiet until then??
Keeping from Kerrie would be impossible since she was coming to spend the night the next night so she became my partner in my big secret. We went shopping for bibs as gifts to break the news to the grandparents.

Superbowl Sunday, Feb 4
Our big day! After church we packed up our grandparent gifts and went to Russ' parents house. The whole family was there, Rusty, Elaine, Ryan, Abby and Dr Amanda. Just before we sat down to eat, we gave Elaine her gift and made our announcement. Amanda's response was that she was wondering why I was in such a good mood! Elaine and Rusty decided that their grandparent names would be Grammy and Papa.
One down, one to go. We arrived at my parent's house that afternoon and when we got everyone together, we gave mama her gift. She was so excited that she and I jumped in the car and drove to both of my grandparents and two aunts to tell them the news. And we were back in time to watch the Superbowl. What a day!!

Valentines Day, Feb 14
Today we had our first scare. I started bleeding heavily at work and my dr. told me to go the emergency room. In tears, I called my mama and Abby, desperately trying to find Russ. Russ works at the country club in Gainesville, and Valentines' Day is a busy night there but fortunately, he was able to leave work and meet me. We spent 5 hours at the emergency room while they did blood tests, urine anaylses and an ultrasound. Finally the dr came in and told us that everything was fine. I was still pregnant, there was one fetus in the uterus (not a tubal pregnancy like they had feared) and it was mearuring at 6 weeks. And they heard a heart beat!!! My hormone levels were also normal for 6 weeks. I have a small ovarian cyst which may be causing the bleeding but since I was diagnosed as a threatened miscarriage, I'm stuck in bed for the next couple of days with my lap top. . . which is how you're getting this blog. =) Russ thinks I'll do anything to get him out of work on Valentines Day. It was the first Valentines Day that we had spent together in 6 years!! We're just happy that we ended the night with good news.
I have a follow up appointment on Friday with my ob so we'll know more then. But the bleeding has slowed, I'm still nauseous and feeling pregnant but please keep our little family in your prayers. And that I don't drive Russ crazy the next couple of days.

I've attached pictures of my budding baby bump at 6 weeks. We will continue to update you every few weeks.

Love to you all,
Heather, Russ and Baby Crain