Sunday, September 5, 2010


At 5 months, by baby boy got his first and second beautiful little teeth. I found this out when he bit me. And I'm not talking about my finger. . .
They're so cute though.

The poor guy also got his first two. . . ear infections. One in each ear.

Rhiannon NEVER had an ear infection so this is new for us. And the only reason I took Henry in to see the ped is because he was pulling on his ear while he ate his cereal. He never had a fever. Never cried. Never woke up at night. Never stopped nursing. What a trooper. Is this the same fussy baby I brought home 6 months ago?

We also found out from the doc that his top two teeth are coming in now.

That explains the biting again.


Merideth said...

Teeth already!??!! I can't believe it. Ellie is 9 1/2 mos old and no pearly whites yet!

Kate's Mom said...

So happy the fussy baby is but a distant memory. He has been the sweetest boy every time I've been around him but I'm glad its a constant for you now. :) Your two little ones are adorable! Can't wait to see you guys tonight!

Shelby said...

Love that second photo!! Madison got her first teeth at five months.. I'm waiting on Tylers to come in early too.. we'll see??!