Tuesday, December 29, 2009

32 1/2 weeks

I have been awful about documenting belly pictures. I'm thrilled to death about being 32 weeks pregnant. And really didn't expect to make it this far. And I love it! The baby movement is so strong that it wakes me up at night. And it's exciting to think about how much bigger this baby is already compared to Rhiannon's birth size. So, I love my pregnant belly. Just not the rest of me that is expanding in the process. Sometimes I wonder where the baby is, my belly or my butt since it seems to be a race to see which can expand faster. I think my butt is winning. Yeah.

Anyways, here are some pictures taken tonight.

And of Daddy (who keeps losing weight by the way. . . how does that happen?)

The pregnancy is still progressing well. I see the doctor weekly now and at each visit a vaginal ultrasound is performed to measure the length of my cervix and check the cerclage. My cervix has not shortened anymore since the cerclage which is great news. At 29.5 weeks (Rhiannon as born at 29.4) I had a doctor's appointment and they did a full ultrasound to measure the baby. At that time the baby was already weighing 3 lbs 5 oz. Rhiannon was 3 lbs 3 oz. Typically babies at 29 weeks are around 2 1/2 lbs so it looks like this baby will be big. Rhiannon was too thankfully. If this baby goes to term, I might not be so happy about it's big size! But it's to be expected. Russ was almost 10 lbs and I was 9 lbs 4 oz. The baby looked wonderful. However, it still covers it's face. He/she is a bashful thing.

I'm almost completely losing my mind but time seems to be going by quickly. Russ keeps reminding me to enjoy being pregnant, so I'm working on that. Rhiannon is entertaining so that's a plus. She has become much more independent and is quite the helper. She often stops playing and says "I need to go check on Mommy." She makes sure that my water jug is full and with me at all times. Although she drinks most of it. She's a joy and I'm thankful with all this time I get to spend with her in these last weeks of being an only child.

Rhiannon received a doctor's kit from Dr Amanda for Christmas so she also spends a lot of time giving me medical exams. She listens to my heart, checks my temperature and blood pressure, gives me shots and looks in my ears. Then she tells me I did a good job and she puts a sticker on me. So apparently I'm a good patient.

Here she is with her new stethoscope.

I have a nurse that comes to our house every week week to give me my progesterone shot. Thankfully I only have 4 more left. Rhiannon holds my hands during the shot and she enjoys hearing the baby's heart beat with the doppler.
So here's to 7 1/2 more weeks! Thank you all for your prayers!


Shelby said...

What a great post! A nice big belly looks very good on you! :)

Kate's Mom said...

Great news! I am so glad Dr. Rhiannon is taking such good care of you and peanut! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. You all are in our prayers.