Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Cookies

It's a tradition in my Mama's kitchen that we make cookies for Christmas. This is one of my favorite traditions but last year I missed out while at work but Rhiannon was there to help. The year before, Lawson was the helper. This year, however, Rhiannon and I both were there to help. After the year we have had with my Mama's health and my pregnancy, it was such a blessing to sit in my Mama's kitchen and enjoy the smells of my childhood home mixed with the wonderful smell of cookies and hear the sweet sounds of Christmas music and my little girl singing with her Mama and grandmother. So many times that day I just sat there and smiled because of how insanely happy I was at that very moment.

Rhiannon received this cute little apron from Aunt Linda for Christmas so she helped Momess make the cookie dough and cut the cookies. I documented the process with video and pictures from my chair.

After the cookies were baked, Rhiannon and I decorated them with sprinkles. Rhiannon calls them "sparkles" and she spent most of the time eating the "sparkles" instead of putting them on the cookies. And there is not telling how many cookies she snagged and started eating before I could grab them from her. We had so much fun.

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. I hope you enjoy every second of this wonderful season.

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Kate's Mom said...

BEAUTIFUL...Its amazing how childhood memories grow even more special when you share them with your little one. :o) You cookie cooking sounds absolutely perfect. Merry Christmas to all!