Friday, August 20, 2010

Mother's and Father's Day

Jump in the DeLorean folks. We're heading back in time. I finally have a weekend with nothing to do. Well, I think I'm supposed to be helping my brother move. Crap. But for tonight, I can sit at this laptop with my happy juice (Blue Moon Summer Ale) and blog. I'm like 3 months behind so I'll hit the high points.

One thing I should add is that I got a new fancy pants camera. I have no idea how to use or how to download the hundres of pictures that I have taken in the past week. But once I finish reading the 8 million page novel that I bought to help me with my tutorial and figure out how to use the thing, you will be sick of all my pictures.
Here we go. My first Mother's Day with two babies!
My little Mommy Rhiannon with her baby in matching dresses.

And Father's Day.

Rhiannon like her Daddy often closes her eyes for pictures. Henry is throwing gang signs. What a thug.

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