Friday, August 20, 2010

Dress Up

Rhiannon's class this summer consisted of 6 little girls. Mrs Shauna, her teacher, also has two girls of her own. So she's a pro at entertaining little girls. Every Wednesday was Water Day so the kids would come to school in swim suits and would play outside in the water toys all day. Mrs Shauna also had themed days.
Pajama Party Picnic

Princess Party Day (she did the girls hair and gave them manis and pedis!!)

Rhiannon really enjoyed dress up days becuase she's really into dress up right now. Every day when I get home, she's wearing something different.

Here she is wearing pajamas, rain boots and hat.

This yellow "dress" is actually a skirt. Check out her "glass slippers."

I just noticed that like all of these pictures are in front of the tv. I swear that we're not tv junkies. That's a lie. But I really do limit how much Rhiannon watches. It's just the only time Rhiannon is still long enough for me to get a picture!