Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I know, I know. I'm way behind on my blogging. I have a ton of happenings from this summer that just haven't gotten posted. Stay tuned for some back tracking this weekend to catch up! But I felt like I should share today's experience.

To start with, I should introduce "B". B is Rhiannon's lovey. Short for "Bunny". A stuffed bunny head attached to a soft pink blanket dress. And she's Rhiannon's best friend in the world. Rhiannon received B at her church dedication on Mother's day in 2008. It took a few months for the friendship to blossom but by the time we had Christmas pictures made in November of 2008, the two were inseperable. Rhiannon would kiss (suck on B's face) until there was a nasty brown circle around B's nose. B would smell like strawberries, milk, goldfish. . . whatever little Rhiannon's grubby hands had been into. Washing her is a challenge because you have to take B away from Rhiannon to put her in the washing machine. I usually do this late at night so that I can return B to Rhiannon's bed before she wakes up.

When we realized how strong of a bond Rhiannon had with B we thought it would be a good idea to find a replacement B. We found out where the church found her and made a trip to Dillards and found another bunny like B. But we needed new bunny to get worn in like B. So we tried to replace B with the new bunny. Rhiannon immediately knew the difference and named the new bunny, "B2". She decided she needed both B and B2 and they both started sleeping with her at night. B is usually the only one lucky enough to leave the bed.

I think that maybe I'm just as attached to B as Rhiannon. She's a member of our family. We make sure we have her before we leave the house. We tuck her in bed at night. We dress her up in doll clothes. We give her food at the dinner table. She's our babysitter, entertainment and playdate.

Today, I got a distressing call from my Mother (Rhiannon calls my mother "Momess"). Rhiannon and Henry were staying at her house for the day and my mom called to tell me in a whisper. "We don't have B." What? Where is she? I immediately text Russ to see if he's seen B. He tells me that she (because B is a girl of course) made it into Momess and Godfather's house with Rhiannon. (My stepdad wanted to be called Grandfather. Rhiannon decided to call him "Godfather") So, we know she's there. Somewhere. When I arrive to pick up the kids after work, B was still missing. Momess convinced Rhiannon by some miracle to take a nap without her. I think she should be thankful that the pool and sun had made Rhiannon so exhausted that sleeping without B was possible. But as soon as she woke up, she asked Momess if she had found B. So, after dinner the search continued. We searched garbage cans, under couches, in cabinets. In one closet, we found B2. Not sure how long she had been hiding in that coat closet or how B2 made it from Rhiannon's bed all the way to Momess' house. But no B.

At 8:00pm, I had given up. It was Henry's bedtime and after 7pm he's done with all of us. So, reluctantly we pack up to leave.

As I place Henry in his infant carrier and lower the shade on the top. . .

There is B. Hiding in Henry's carrier all day long.

Apparently, Godfather had threatened to take B to school with him and Rhiannon decided to hide B from him so that he wouldn't take her.

It would have been nice if she would have shared that information with us 11 hours earlier.

But, he search is over and B is tucked into bed with Rhiannon. And we can all rest easier tonight.

B and Rhiannon - November 2008 (Notice how clean and new B looked then. When we show Rhiannon this picture, she says it's B2 in the picture because B2 still looks this new.)

B and Rhiannon - April 2010

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Shelby said...

Love it Heather! I so feel your pain. We have a Lovey and Lovey"2"
We couldn't find one for about a week. I finally found it in the guest bedroom side table drawer!