Friday, August 20, 2010

Henry's Dedication

In June was Henry's dedication at Riverbend Baptist Church. Our church does a baby dedication twice a year. When Rhiannon was dedicated it was just she and one other baby. For Henry's there were 14 babies! So they were split between two services. We usually attend the 9am service so that was our time slot.
I love our church. I love the people. I love the pastor. For me, it's home. I grew up in this church. It was the church where I was baptized when I was 10. We have been members all my life.

Here we are on stage. Notice the family here beside us, Kyle and Emily and their sweet baby girl McKayla. Kyle and I were born 5 days apart and he also grew up in this church. He was my first boyfriend at the ripe old age of like 4 and we also grew up in the same neighborhood. So, we think it's pretty cool that McKayla and Henry are 2 months apart and were dedicated together.
Rhiannon walked up to the stage with us but then decided that she would rather go sit with her grandparents. Henry did really well. He never cried and made it through the service without throwing up all over his Mama. Those were my two biggest concerns. However, I should have more concerned not of what would come out of his mouth but more with what could come out the other end. During the final prayer, Henry let out the biggest FART! It was so loud that the people in the second row started giggling. I just knew he had ruined his sweet outfit so as soon as we walked down from the stage, I went immediately to the nursery to change him. And nothing. Just a lot of gas. Typical man.
Upon returning home, we tried to get some pictures. Here is Henry in his nursery.

And a few pictures of the kids together. This rarely ever happens. . .

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