Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This was our first Easter as a family of 4! And what a wonderful celebration!

While Henry stayed at home to practice bottle feeding with Daddy, Rhiannon and I went to the Phi Mu (my sorority) Easter Egg Hunt at Brenau college in Gainesville. This is our second year attending this hunt. It's local and always fun to see friends from college. Rhiannon got her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. She also gave him "five" and made him hop with her. She got her face painted like a bunny. And of course she hunted for eggs. It was a really cold that day but with some warm clothes and the sunshine, we didn't freeze.

Giving the Easter Bunny a hug.

Next was the second annual Easter Egg Hunt at my parents house. I organized this for the first time last year because as a child, I grew up with a huge egg hunt at our house for the neighborhood kids and my cousins. I have a lot of fond memories of those egg hunts and I wanted my kids to have the same experience. So, we invited our cousins and some friends that live locally. We have lunch, play outside, and then have the Easter Egg Hunt. It's so cute to see all of the kids together and we enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Rhiannon's future husband, Hudson a.k.a "Huddy"

Rhiannon's BFF Kate and her Mommy, Michele.

All of the kids! And a handful of Mommies. . .
Henry hanging out with aunts and cousins. Aunt Beverly (far left), her daughter Whitney, my cousin Damon's wife Mandy, Aunt Peggy (who was Henry's snuggle buddy for the event) and her daughters Kristy and Mandy.

This picture is of my girlfriends Heather and Jessica and our kids. This year with 5 kids, last year we only had 4. Heather is pregnant and due in July so next year, we will have 6 kids! Heather's son is Colton, and she expecting another boy. Jessica's kids are Hudson and Isabella.
Here are our kids last year.

I love this picture. Kate and Rhiannon were looking in their baskets instead of at the camera so I told them to look up. And they looked up. . . at the sky. Isabella thinks they're crazy.
Rhiannon and her Daddy.

On Easter morning, the kids saw what the Easter Bunny brought them.

As you can see, Henry was really excited about Easter.

We got ready and made our first trip to church with the 4 of us.

After church, we enjoyed lunch at my parents house.

And then that evening, we went to dinner at Russ' parents house. What a blessed holiday with family and friends. Happy Easter!


Tiffany Lockette said...

Where did you find their little dresses? They are so cute. Great pictures!!

Heather said...

Hey Tiffany! Thanks so much! The dresses were from Kohls! I took Rhiannon's to a local store and had it embroidered. And later took my neice's too.