Thursday, April 15, 2010

Curious George Live in the ATL

On my due date, we decided to purchase tickets to Curious George Live at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta as a treat for Rhiannon. We knew that the baby would be about 6 weeks old and thought it would be nice for Rhiannon to have a night with just her Mommy and Daddy. Rhiannon loves Curious George and she had been looking forward to this for weeks.

So on April 1, we made the trip.

Let me first say that I was surprised at how much easier it is to leave a second child than it was to leave Rhiannon when she was an infant. Poor Henry!
We arrived in Atlanta and had dinner at a cute little pizza place a block away from the Fox. The internet said the place was kid friendly. I'm not sure what that even means since they didn't have high chairs or boosters. But on that night, it didn't matter. Every table had toddler or preschoolers. Everyone was going to see George!

Here is Rhiannon checking out downtown.

And with her Daddy in front of the Fox.

Our seats were fantastic. Aisle seats on the 6th row.

Rhiannon was so excited. Look at her face here. She was squealing and clapping so loud when it started that the woman in front of us turned around and laughed.

This was Henry's 4th attempt with a bottle. When I called home after his first feeding, my mother said that he had refused it and pitched a fit. Luckily, he was hungry enough to take the 9pm feeding. And I still had to nurse him when I got home. What a piggy!

All in all, it was a successful night. It was fun to see Rhiannon so happy and Henry had a successful evening without his Mommy although I couldn't wait to get back home to him.

We're looking forward to taking both kids next year!

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Tiffany Lockette said...

Oh man, I wish I would have known the show was at the Fox, I think Zoe would have loved it!! Maybe next year. Glad you guys had a good time. I love to see anything at The Fox, such a great venue.