Saturday, April 17, 2010

Play Date with Kate

One of my sorority sisters and good friends lives 5 minutes from us here in Gainesville. And our girls are only 8 months apart. So, whenever we have the opportunity we try to get our girls together for a play date. They play so well together and it's so cute to hear their conversations. Little people talk.

So last week I took both Rhiannon and Henry over to see Michele and Kate.

Here are the girls making "pretty music".

And here Kate and Rhiannon are having tea. Kate got a tea set for her birthday. She just turned two in March.

Henry hung out with Michele.
After playing a while inside, the girls decided they needed some outdoor fun. So we put on swimsuits so that they could play with Kate's water table. This is a new bathing suit for Rhiannon that I just bought a few weeks ago. She has recently had a big growth spurt and this 3T bathing suit was too small! She has jumped from wearing 2T to 4T!! In bathing suits anyway. That's just not right! My baby girl is getting too big too fast.

Here are the girls in their swimsuits. So cute.

And here they are at the water table.

And Henry chilling outside.

What a great play date. Thanks to Michele and Kate for having us over. We're looking forward to many more!


Mendy said...

Look like fun! It's so special that y'all live so close to each other.

Kate's Mom said...

We had SUCH a great time with you three!!! As summer gets closer I'm anticipating MANY more play dates! :o)
I'm still telling people about how cute Kate and Rhiannon's little talks were! Where do they get their conversation skills from???!