Monday, April 19, 2010

Crains on Tour

This was weeks ago. During the days of Henry's refusal to sleep at night. One morning, after one of his better nights, we decided that we needed to get out of the house. Let's drive to the mountains!
So, we quickly packed up the kids and headed north.
We stopped in Cleveland at Creekside Deli. This is a favorite or mine and Russ'. We used to eat there quite a bit before we had kids and would spend the day "chasing waterfalls" in the mountains. When we were dating, these spontaneous trips to the mountains were quite frequent. One of our favorite waterfalls to visit was Helton Creek falls. So we decided to take the kids there after our fantastic lunch.
Henry was sleeping well that day. As long as the car was moving. (That is no longer the case by the way. . . now he hates the car. . . and screams round trip until he has worked himself into a sweat and soaked his clothes and car seat. . . but that day was fabulous).
Here are some pictures from our adventure.
Rhiannon hiking with Daddy.

Henry hiking with Mommy.

My sweet girl!

Helton Creek falls is actually a double waterfall. I'm sure this is not the correct terminology but it is one set of two different waterfalls. One above the mountain from the other. This is actually just the upper falls. The lower is just as faboulous.

Me and my kids. Henry is tucked into the Moby wrap. He slept soundly throughout our hike.

We had such a nice day and it was a much needed outing for all of us. Russ and I both are out on maternity/paternity leave for another month so we hope to have a few more of these family outings. Time is going by too fast! But this has been such an awesome experience for us to both be home with our kids all day for these last few weeks. It will be so hard for us to go back to work!


Tiffany Lockette said...

The pictures are too cute!! Where are you in the waterfall pictures, what state?

Heather said...

We are at Helton Creek Falls in Northeast Georgia mountains.