Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daddy's Soccer Game

Russ played soccer for our high school and his Dad was also the coach. Yes, my husband and I graduated from high school together. No, we were not high school sweethearts. But we have known each other since the age of six. That's another blog for another time!

Anyways, last week, North Hall held it's first annual Alumni Soccer Game to raise money for the soccer association. Russ got to reconnect with some old teammates and play soccer again on his favorite field.

I LOVE to watch him play so I was so excited about the game. And Russ didn't disappoint. He told Rhiannon he would score a goal for her and he scored the first goal of the game. And almost a second one. He was awesome. Isn't he cute??

Rhiannon and Henry really enjoyed the game. The weather was beautiful! Here are some pictures from the game.

Here is Russ with some of the Class of 96 graduates from the team. Aaron on the far left (and daughter Isabelle Ann) was the best man in our wedding. Nathan is next and next to Russ is Jason, another one of Russ' best friends. They haven't changed a bit in 14 years. Except for the sweet girl on Aaron's hip!

Here are all of the players in the game.
This is of the players that played for Russ' dad. You'll see Rusty in the middle of the picture in the striped shirt. Oh, and you'll see Rhiannon. She refused to be in the picture but she wouldn't get out of the way. . .
Daddy and his future soccer stars. Notice I dressed them in North Hall colors, green and white!

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Kate's Mom said...

What a fun game! That is so cool that Russ could play and let your munchkins watch. :o) You can tell from your blog that you were beaming with pride...So happy for you guys! :o) Even if I'm not a North Hall fan!