Monday, February 15, 2010


All week the weatherman predicted it. Of course, we didn't believe it. But we got it. Snow! Almost 4 inches which is like a blizzard for GA. And it came on a Friday afternoon. Rhiannon saw the snow beginning to fall and then went down for her nap. She then woke up to a winter wonderland! The snow was still falling and we already had a blanket of snow covering the lawn.

She and I put on as many layers as we could (which is not easy when you're 39 weeks pregnant I might add) and then headed outside to play. The bank closed early so Daddy was able to join us as well.

We made an Alabama snowman. We trecked all up and down the lawn. And then we decided to do some sledding.

As I mentioned, we just don't get a lot of snow in GA. So, we don't own sleds. But, we do own laundry baskets! Rhiannon went down once and decided it wasn't for her. Daddy on the other hand, loved it!

The next morning, the snow was just as beautiful! And again the bank was closed so the three of us went back outside to play with our neighbors Erin and Eric and their kids Conner (5) and Rylee (21 months).

The dads had the bright idea to use our jump house as a sled. So they threw all three kids in the house and pushed them down the hill. The kids loved it. Rylee is not quite 2 and a tiny thing so we pulled her out thinking it was too much for her. She simply climbed right back in.

We had so much fun! I had hoped that all the hiking up hills and rolling snow men would help baby arrive. But he/she is still pretty comfortable. I'm due on Friday and to back to doctor on Thursday. I will update you afterwards.


Mendy said...

Looks like snow much fun!! Y'all have the perfect yard for sledding.

Tiffany Lockette said...

Wasn't the snow so much fun. I have an 18 month old who DID NOT like the snow...boooooo!! Oh well, maybe next time!! Are you from Alabama? If so, what part? I ask because I am from Auburn but living in Marietta GA. I found your blog somehow, through another blog. Hope you don't mind me following you. I love to blog with Mommies who especially have kids around the same age as mine. I just think it's neat to experience this wonderful world of parent- hood with others.