Sunday, February 7, 2010

38 weeks and holding

Well, 37 weeks has come and gone. I had my cerclage removed on the day I was 37 weeks, Friday, Jan 29. Honestly, Russ and I believed that the baby was just going to fall out there at there at the doctor's office. Dr Harrison even teased as he was cutting the stich that he knew how to "catch" a baby. The night before the appointment, we put my suitcase in the car. We made sure all the bills were paid. The house was cleaned. Laundry was done. Russ took the day off.

Our belief that this was our weekend was from more than just the cerclage. This has always been an important weekend for us. Russ asked me on our first date on Jan 30, 1999. We moved in together that weekend in 2001. Russ proposed on Jan 29, 2003. And we found out we were pregnant with Rhiannon on that weekend in 2007. This weekend held a lot of significance for us and we just knew it was going to be it.

So, that morning we took pictures. . .

Okay, Russ was just little stressed out that morning. You don't see this often folks.

We just knew that it was going to be THE DAY.

Guess what people, it was not the day. Nor the weekend. The cerclage was removed and when the doctor checked me, I was not thinning or dialating. He says, "This could be a while".

So, now I'm 38 weeks. We had our 38 week appointment on Friday. The night before, we took more pictures. . .

And at the appointment, we find out that I'm still not dialated at all and only 50% effaced.

The doctor asked me about induction and I told him that I would rather wait for it occur naturally. I'm due for another ultrasound at 39 weeks to see how big the baby is. We will discuss induction at 41 weeks unless there are other problems.

We have been passing around an ugly stomach virus at the house. Rhiannon had it earlier in the week and then I woke up with it the morning of my appointment. It's very difficult to pee in a cup when you can't keep water down. I made it through my appointment but was completely out of commission for the next two days. It's also difficult to hug a toilet properly with a watermelon in your belly. Luckily, we are all better now and Russ still hasn't caught it!

More updates to come!


Shelby said...

WHOA! I've been thinking about you! NEVER would have thought you would have made it this long!!! I'm so happy that you will bring home a healthy newborn! Yeah Heather!

Shelby said...

p.s. You better call me!