Sunday, February 7, 2010

A couple of parties

So, for weeks I was stuck at home so we obviously we didn't have big plans for New Years this year. Well big plans outside the house anyway. We did have our own little New Years party!
I'm taking photos from my position on the couch. . .
We got party favors and sparking white grape juice and plastic champagne glasses. We told Rhiannon all day that we were having a New Years Party that night. She had no idea what New Years was about but she loves parties so she was pretty excited.

That evening, Russ made tacos and then afterwards Rhiannon put on her party dress and party favors. We poured glasses of sparkling grape juice and did a toast. Okay, Rhiannon liked the juice, and the toasting, so we did several toasts.
Notice the taco sauce still on her face!

Then at the late hour of 7:45, we did a count down to the new year. And again, Rhiannon thought that was pretty fun, so we did several countdowns to the new year.

After a bubble bath, we put the party girl to bed. She told us as we tucked her in, "Thank you. I loved my party." Russ was asleep by 10. I was out shortly afterwards.

Hands down, "The Best New Years Party Ever".

For our superbowl party this evening, Rhiannon and I made cocoa krispie footballs! It's a party for the 3 of us but we're having fun. Go Saints!


Shelby said...

Your child has great hair!

Kate's Mom said...

LOVED your parties! Sounds like ideal company and no driving! My kind of party, plus that little one looks like she's a blast to party with! :o)