Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Christmas

I have to brag on Russ. Bless his heart, he has carried quite a burden these last few weeks. He is working full time, finishing is final semester in college, taking care of the house, and me and Rhiannon. I think he has lost as much weight as I have gained. But he has kept such a hopeful spirit and is still such a positive influence. I felt like God wouldn't have given us this challenge if we weren't strong enough to handle it and Russ certainly is. He's just amazing.

Yesterday morning, he returned home from class and decided since it was his day off that he wanted to put up Chrismtas decorations. Usually, we put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving but he wanted to go ahead and do it so that I could enjoy it. So, he hauled all our Christmas decor down from the attic and put up all of it by himself. I layed on the couch and put hooks on ornaments. It looks amazing! Mimi and Papa brought Rhiannon home that afternoon and the look on her face was so sweet. She kept saying "Oh, the tree is so pretty!". And Jingle Bells is her new favorite song.

So, the Crain home is ready for Christmas all thanks to my sweet Russ. Thanks Baby!


Shelby said...

OH MY GOSH he did a GREAT JOB! NEVER would my tree look like that if Jason did it!

Kate's Mom said...

Beautiful! You have such a great hubby! I am super impressed and wondering if wants to help decorate my house! :o) Hopefully Kate and I can come see you guys and the house soon. :o)