Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here is a picture of Rhiannon's first Halloween. Due to RSV season, we did not leave the house. Rhiannon was 3 months old here (adjusted age 3 weeks!). It's hard to remember her that tiny. Check out how excited Russ and I look!

And a couple of pictures of Raggedy Rhiannon from Halloween last year. . .

And finally, Halloween this year. What a cute little Ladybug!

The make-up didn't stay on long. The weather was horrible on Halloween and the rain quickly made it run so we wiped it off for trick-or-treating. I loved the tennis shoes with the costume.

And from the back!

Rhiannon went trick-or-treating a few different times over the weekend. On Friday, Mimi and Papa took her to Dr Amanda's office for candy. She spent Saturday morning with Papa Sweet Pea and Ya-Ya and visited with Angela's parents, Pete and Linda, and cousins Devon and Sawyer. And then Hallow's Eve, she went trick-or-treating with Daddy, Momess, Aunt Katie and cousin Lawson. I rode along in the car and video taped from my reclined seat through the window of the car.

Rhiannon LOVED her costume. We tried it on her the week before Halloween, and she cried when we took it off. It's all she talked about all week leading up to Halloween. And of course, she cried the night we took it off. She was so much fun!! She was able to see family and received way too much candy. My job in the car was to ration the candy to give to her. It went well. One for Rhiannon, two for Mommy. Repeat. I'm shocked we have any left. . .


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Hysterical! I love the candy rational! Rhiannon looks adorable and I'm so jealous she LIKED dressing was a huge act of bribery to get Kate in her outfit! :O)