Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Fun

So even though Mommy is stuck in bed, Rhiannon has been a busy girl this fall. It's the time of year for fall festivals! My favorite! The first one on the list if Mule Camp Market in downtown Gainesville. Rhiannon attended with her Mimi and Papa this year. Sadly, I wasn't able to go but I did send Russ to get funnel cakes later on in the weekend. Here are some pictures of Rhiannon at the petting zoo set up at the festival. She didn't quite understand why she couldn't brush the turkey.

This is what she wanted to wear. . .

Later on that weekend, she went to Burt's Pumpkin Farm with Papa Sweet Pea and YaYa (my dad and stepmother). Her cousin Sawyer went too. They picked out pumpkins and road the hayride. Rhiannon is still talking about it.

This weekend of fun with grandparents ended up stretching through the entire next week because on that Sunday Russ was diagnosed with swine flu. He went to his parents house to stay for the week and Rhiannon went to my mother's house. Since I'm pregnant and Rhiannon was premature, we were extra cautious. Luckily, neither she nor I got sick. It was a very lonely week for me though. The whole family is back now and Rhiannon and I have appointments to get vaccines next week.

Progress report on Baby #2: I'm 24 weeks today. At my appointment this week, there has been no change which is good news. I've been on bedrest now for 4 weeks. Only 13 more to go! Thanks for your prayers. This is one lively baby. I'm not sure if it's really more active than Rhiannon was or if I can feel it more since all I do is lay around. Either way, there are nights when it's hard to sleep because Jelly Bean is kicking so hard. You can even see my stomach move with his kicks!

Happy Halloween to all of you. I'll post pictures of Rhiannon this weekend.

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