Friday, October 9, 2009

Half way there!

Well, the good news is that we are now at 21 weeks along which puts us over the half way point of my pregnancy.  The baby is healthy and strong.  All limbs are accounted for and he/she is even a little big for his age.  The bad news is that at my bi-weekly appointment last week, we discovered that my cervix has already started to funnel, or shorten.  At only 19 1/2 weeks this was very scary for us.  But, we now  know that Rhiannon's prematurity was caused by my incompetent cervix and it was not just spontaneous premature labor.  So, I was sent again to the high risk doctor in town, Dr Allaire, and it was decided that I would need an emergent cerclage.  Sorry to throw around so much medical jargen.  I'll do my best to explain.  A cerglage is basically a stich that keeps the cervix closed.  It can be performed early in pregnancy (12 - 14 weeks) if there is a known issue.  Since we weren't sure what caused Rhiannon's prematurity, we did not take that option.  An emergent cerclage is performed later on in the pregnancy when an issue is discovered.  It is not as successful as a cerclage done before cervical changes but combined with the progesterone shots that I'm already receiving and bedrest, the doctor hopes we can make it to 34 weeks.  So, I was admitted to the hospital that evening to be monitored and the procedure was performed the next afternoon.  So, I'm home now and in bed for the hopefully the next 17 weeks (37 weeks is a full term baby). 
Russ and I are still optimistic but also disappointed and scared.  When we discussed having a second child we knew the risks.  The worst case would be that we lost the baby.  The second worst scenario was that I could be on bedrest for a very long time.  And we worried about how that would affect Rhiannon and our families.  But we decided that it was important for Rhiannon to have a sibling and we would put it in God's hands and pray for the best.  So, now I'm on bedrest.  And worst still is that unlike before, I'm so early that at this point the baby wouldn't even survive if it were born today.  We're faced with our 2 worst scenarios and we're scared. 
We know how blessed we are.  We know the baby is healthy.  We have our families so close by that take turns staying with me and Rhiannon 6 days a week while Russ works.  We both have jobs and I'm able to still get a paycheck while I'm out of work.  So, we need to remember how blessed we are.  And remember that this is in God's hands.  I believe that He knows that we're strong enough to make it through this or He wouldn't have given us this challenge. 
So, I will be updating you on the challenges of bedrest!  So, far I am caught up on all the CBS soaps.  I'm a little bummed that Guiding Light went off the air.  I am also way into all the teen trash that comes on in the evenings.  I have joined Net Flix and will be beginning my movie analysis tomorrow.  I have books and lists and my computer.  However, there just isn't a lot you can do lying down.  Even working on the computer is difficult.  Plus, the doctors want me to keep my stress level at a minimum.  Have they met me? 
Rhiannon is doing great.  I think she actually prefers that I'm here all the time.  She doesn't seem to care too much that I'm always in bed or lying on the couch.  Yesterday, she came in the bedroom and told me to "Get up and go lay on the sofa".  Bossy little thing.  But she makes a good snuggle buddy.  Here we are watching t.v. together. 

Russ is an Angel.  This is his last semester in college and now he has to take on my part of the day to day.  Luckily, he did all the cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping anyway.  Now he has to bathe Rhiannon every night and get her ready in the morning but that's just fun.  He's such a wonderful Daddy and Husband. 

Here are a few pictures from our latest ultrasound.  Jelly Bean likes to cover his face.  Little stinker. 


Jimmy & Hilary Berman said...

Oh, Heather. I will be praying for you girl. I was just sick for a week and spent LOTS of time in bed and know how hard that is to do with a 2-year old. Thank the Lord for wonderful Daddies! PLEASE let me know if you need anything!

Amanda said...

We are constantly sending good vibes your way! Maybe Russ can bring Rhiannon over one weekend for a play date or we can come visit you. Love you!!

Shelby said...

Thanks for the update... love the pictures.. I almost feel like I'm lying there with you! Keep on posting!!! I'm praying for y'all!! COME ON BABY CRAIN!!

Kate's Mom said...

Oh Heather. I am SO sorry you are already on bed rest. On the plus side, this time your bed rest includes such as sweet little cuddle buddy! I am minutes away and can do WHATEVER you need! I'm on fall break so call whenever! Love you Crains and praying for the four of you!