Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One last beach trip

I think I've been procrastinating in posting the last few weeks because talking about the summer's last beach trip truly means that the summer is almost over. It's time to face the music though, the weather is getting cooler and football season is starting. Summer is over. No more cute sun dresses and bare chubby little Rhiannon legs. It's just sad!

So, for our last beach trip, we traveled to Destin, FL with Uncle Stephen. We rented a house just across the road from the beach and had a fantastic time.

Stephen was a great babysitter. And he was good with Rhiannon too.

The vacationers:

Rhiannon really enjoyed the gulf, I think far better than the Atlantic. I can't say that I blame her. The water was like a warm swimming pool. Clear, calm and gorgeous.

Look at this water! And the white sand! Paradise.

Rhiannon spent the day swimming in the ocean:

Or chasing birds. She would run down the beach (all the way down the beach in fact, the three of us took turns chasing her and bringing her back) screaming, "Oh dear! I lost my birds! I love them soooo much." She didn't quite understand why they kept flying away. She was carrying a sandy cheerio in her hand. I don't know why they would fly away from a screaming 2 year old running torwards them? Hmmm.

Daddy's turn to fetch her.

All that running and swimming can really wear a girl out. I don't think she ever made it through lunch. . .

The weather was fantastic. Our last day, we had a late morning rain shower so we packed up and left the beach and went back to our house. So what do you do at the beach when it rains? You dance in it! Why not? Now everytime it rains since we've returned home, Rhiannon asks to go outside and play in the rain.

A wonderful trip. It was a pefect way to end the summer and to enjoy one last vacation with only one child.

Although, I really need to work on my packing skills if we're going to take one more person with us. We truly are a family of over packers!

I end with one last picture and ask you, Can this child look anymore like her Daddy?

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Kate's Mom said...

GREAT POST!!! She of course favors Russ in the last picture but I'm seeing more and more of you in a few of the others. She is such a sweet girl! The picture of her asleep at lunch is priceless. :o>