Thursday, August 6, 2009

Every girl needs to be able to walk in heels. . .

Rhiannon LOVES shoes. When I get home from work, she asks me to take off my heels so that she can wear them. She gets shoes out of our closet and puts them on. Flip flops, daddy's shoes, heels, it doesn't matter. This is a video I took of her after she comes out of our room with a pair of heels.


Listen for her to also tell you who the president is. Hee hee.


Shelby said...

What a cute post! Madison loves shoes too.. she wants me to put them on but Rhiannon needs to teach her how to walk in them!

Kate's Mom said...

GREAT Video! I am so adding your blog to my favorites! I am also SUPER impressed with her ability to walk in heels, SPELLING, and current event knowledge!!! Way to go Mom and Dad!!! :o>