Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big girl bed

Okay, this is night two of Rhiannon in her big girl bed. We painted and set up her bed weeks ago but we have waited to actually let her sleep in it. Why? We were waiting on the bed rails, a bookcase, a sign from God? Not sure what we were waiting on.

Getting her room ready!

This was Rhiannon playing in her bed. No sheets on at this point.

After Rhiannon hung out with Isabella and Huddy on Saturday and saw their big beds, we decided it was perfect timing. The next night she spent the night with my dad and stepmother (who Rhiannon calls Papa Sweet Pea and YaYa. . . isn't that cute?). I took that time to move her clothes and decor and books to her big girl room. So last night, she went to bed and slept all night with no issues. And she didn't get up and destroy her room like I feared.
Her are pictures of the finished room.

However, she refused to nap there today. Let me first explain that my girl LOVES to sleep. She tells you when she's ready for a nap, never complains at nap time, and usually sleeps 3 hours a day. She was one tired girl when I got home from work.
There was some hesitation tonight at bed time. The first time I left the room there were tears. I came back and crawled into bed and we talked and sang for a while. And then when I left again, there were more tears. And then, I pulled out the solution. Jessica, your Mom would be proud, I reminder her of Isabella and Huddy's big beds, and she stopped crying. And I left the room, and she went to sleep.
Keep your fingers crossed!


Shelby said...

Her room looks precious! Congrats on the big girl bed.. and Heather.. Your baby has gorgeous hair! :) (P.S.three hour naps?? NO FAIR! Madison only takes one 2 hour nap. 12:30 to 2:30.. ALWAYS!!!)

Kate's Mom said...

I absolutely LOVE Rhiannon's big girl bed and room!!! They are PERFECT!!!! It is decorated to make any girl happy! She is growing up so fast and just in time to be a big helper to her Mommy :o>