Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Play dates and UGA games

We have had a busy couple of weekends. Two weekends ago we went to the Spector's home and enjoyed an afternoon at the pool with their family and the Bermans. Amanda and Hilary are friends of mine from college, our husbands are huge soccer (okay and any other type of sport) fans and get along famously, and our kids just all happen to be 2. After pool time, we cooked out back at the house and then stuck all 3 of the kids in a bubble bath. I unfortunately did not get pictures of bath time but got a cute one of them eating dinner. Rhiannon chose to lounge and eat. Funny girl. Hailey belongs to Hilary and Jimmy and Ethan belongs to Amanda and Marc. Aren't they all adorable?

This past weekend, we went to the Garrish home to watch the Georgia game. Jessica is my oldest friend. . . since the 4th grade!! Her little girl, Isabella, is 5 and her son, Hudson, is 3 months older than Rhiannon and we have serious plans for them to be married one day. However, we know what will probably happen is that they will be in the same class and probably think of each more as brother and sister. Jessica will call me to find out dirt on Hudson's girlfriends from Rhiannon . And Hudson will get mad at Rhiannon for telling her Mama too much. We really think to much into this relationship. Anyway, Rhiannon was so excited to go to Huddy's house. She told us like 50+ times on the way there that she wanted to go to Huddy's house. She cried when we stopped at the gas station because we weren't there yet. The game didn't go so well but the kids had a blast. And I got some cute pics.
Our UGA babies in Huddy's big boy bed!
That's Huddy in the middle.

The cheerleaders!


Shelby said...

GO GEORGIA!!! Aww.. Madison has a Tech Cheerleading outfit I hope to get up soon... It's kinda hurts though that she is not wearing a GA one!

Kate's Mom said...

All of the kiddo shots are so cute! Despite all the GA gear...giggle, giggle!