Monday, January 17, 2011

In love with B

Those of you that follow my blog then I'm sure know all about "B". See older post for some history:

Well guess who else is in love with her?


He screams "BEEEEEE!!!" in delight when she is left unattended. And then crawls to her just as fast as he can. Then attacks her with slobbery hugs and kisses.

Rhiannon isn't fond of this attachment. She asks me to "Save B!" or "Mommy, will you protect B please?"

For Christmas, Rhiannon gave Henry his own B. A blue version of course.

Here is a picture of the new guy. And a comparison to Rhiannon's B. Yes folks. This IS what B used to look like when she was a young bunny. You can tell that after much strawberry, PBJ, and honey kisses, wet beds, and dirt, she's been washed many times and very well loved.

Henry loves his "Blue B." See video for proof. . .

Of course, still not quite as much as Rhiannon's B!

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