Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 at 10

My New Year's Resolution revolves around my babies: upload pictures, update blog, update baby books/journals, and enjoy every second. Because I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. It seems like a few weeks ago we were celebrating New Years as a family of 3 with Fat Pregnant Mama Crain sipping sparkling grape juice on the couch. And yet, we just had New Years with our family of 4!

So, to start, this post is about my baby boy. Who is now 10 months old. Well, 10 1/2 months old. Geez!!

10 of my favorite things about my little man:

10. Kisses. When I ask for a kiss, you will now give me a kiss. When I walk into your room in the morning, and pick up my smiling laughing baby boy. I'm not only greeted with a pat on the back, you lean in to kiss me. No request necessary from me. My are you affectionate.

9. Your laugh. In your eyes, I'm the funniest person alive. With one little glance I can get a chuckle. With a few words or songs, I can get a belly laugh. Thanks for feeding my ego. And filling our house with another sweet giggle. A little deeper than the 3 year old high pitched one that I was accustomed to hearing. And together, a symphony to my ears.

8. Your absolute refusal to "walk". You have been crawling since 5 months. Standing up on your own without assistance at 7 months. From a standing position you can reach down and pick up a toy and stand back up. All without holidng on to anything. But you hate to "walk" around holding someones hands. You may just crawl forever. But you're my baby so you take as long as you like. You can also live with me until you're 85.

7. You will eat ANYTHING. I have yet to give you a food that you will not eat. Every kind of baby food, collards, turnips, avacodo, spaghetti, peas. I hope you always are this easy to please. You definitely have your Mama's appetite.

6. You have already learned to fight back against your sister. She's a bossy thing and has a mean streak like you wouldn't believe. You will need to be strong to put up with her. I know all about bossy big sisters. I was one. Wait. I AM one. It's good that you take your toy back. You should always stand up for yourself.

5. Maybe I don't like this. But it is cute. When I attempt to disipline you with my meanest, sternest "NO". You laugh at me. Thanks.

4. You have some sort of radar to know exactly when I turn in for the night. I finally get everything finished around the house, take my shower, get in the bed, turn out the light, pull the comforter over my head. At that exact moment. You cry. Most nights, you settle down on your own. But lately I have had to go in your room. I don't have to pick you up. I just have to stand by your crib. As long as you know I'm there, you settle down. While this is flattering, Mommy does need a little sleep please.

3. You are Mommy's boy. I can come home from work and peak in the living room to see you playing perfectly content with your toys. But as soon as you realize I'm home, I have to carry you around for the rest of the evening. But, you're my baby. You can be Mommy's boy forever.

2. Your love for music. You love to dance, help Daddy play the guitar and play your drum. You also will sing when the rest of us are singing. It's the sweetest sound in the world.

1. My heart. I now understand what my grandmother and Mama have always said. Little boys have a special place in their Mommy's heart. I can't believe you are the same fussy baby that about made me lose my mind 9 1/2 months ago. But by getting through those first few weeks, we formed a bond closer than no other. I get you. I need you. And little boy, oh how I love you.


Shelby said...

Wow.. there is something special about these boys.. right? I mean... Tyler does the same thing. I carry him around all the time.. and secretly.. I don't mind. I dread the day he grows up. I wanted nothing but girls and good Lord I needed this boy. I'm in love. :)

Mendy said...

I love this post!! So sweet!

D&A said...


By the way, I think you live in the neighborhood next to my parents. Small world!

Kate's Mom said...

One of the sweetest posts I've read in a long time. Beautiful. :) You're a very lucky Mommy.