Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Christmas

I have to brag on Russ. Bless his heart, he has carried quite a burden these last few weeks. He is working full time, finishing is final semester in college, taking care of the house, and me and Rhiannon. I think he has lost as much weight as I have gained. But he has kept such a hopeful spirit and is still such a positive influence. I felt like God wouldn't have given us this challenge if we weren't strong enough to handle it and Russ certainly is. He's just amazing.

Yesterday morning, he returned home from class and decided since it was his day off that he wanted to put up Chrismtas decorations. Usually, we put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving but he wanted to go ahead and do it so that I could enjoy it. So, he hauled all our Christmas decor down from the attic and put up all of it by himself. I layed on the couch and put hooks on ornaments. It looks amazing! Mimi and Papa brought Rhiannon home that afternoon and the look on her face was so sweet. She kept saying "Oh, the tree is so pretty!". And Jingle Bells is her new favorite song.

So, the Crain home is ready for Christmas all thanks to my sweet Russ. Thanks Baby!

27 weeks

Today I am 27 weeks! This is an exciting week for us. I was 27 1/2 weeks when I started having issues with my pregnancy with Rhiannon -- at 27 1/2 weeks, I was 100% effaced. But, at my OB visit last week, my cervix was still looking good at 2.8 and the cerclage was working beautifully. Dr Harrison said that the next 6 - 8 weeks are crucial since this was the point that my cervix started giving way with Rhiannon and we would really like to make it to 34 weeks. That's our goal since most babies do not need the NICU at that point. The babies heartrate was at 150. Right at the mid-range to guess sex but Dr Harrison thought it was probably higher than usual since the baby was very active during the exam. He/she kept kicking the dopler away when he was trying to listen to the heart.

Another reason why we're excited this week is because we are halfway mark. I will have been on bedrest for just over 9 weeks and will have just over 9 weeks to go to get to 37 weeks (a full term baby).

Reason #3, the doctor said I could go see a movie! So, Russ and I have a date night tomorrow night. I can't begin to explain how excited I am!!!

Finally, reason #4. . . it't Thanksgiving. Probably my favorite holiday! Every year, my mother's family, the Saxtons, come over to my mother's house for lunch. I have 10 cousins and they come with their significant others and children and my my aunts and uncles. It's so much fun! This year, my mother has had some health problems and was just released from the hospital last week. So, my aunt Beverly is having Thanksgiving at her house this year. And the doctor said I could go! On the following Sunday, we will go to Russ' parents house for Thanksgiving feast #2.

Here are some pictures of me at 26 weeks. I'm hesitant to post because pregnant appetite + bedrest has created one big Mama. We won't even discuss numbers but it's not pretty. I may need a moo moo dress by the time this pregnancy is over. But, I felt like I should document some pictures since I posted pictures of me pregnant with Rhiannon at 26 weeks.

Happy Thansgiving to everyone. I'm thankful for this pregnancy, my wonderful husband, my fiesty little Rhiannon, our family, and each and every one of you. We wish you health and happiness.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here is a picture of Rhiannon's first Halloween. Due to RSV season, we did not leave the house. Rhiannon was 3 months old here (adjusted age 3 weeks!). It's hard to remember her that tiny. Check out how excited Russ and I look!

And a couple of pictures of Raggedy Rhiannon from Halloween last year. . .

And finally, Halloween this year. What a cute little Ladybug!

The make-up didn't stay on long. The weather was horrible on Halloween and the rain quickly made it run so we wiped it off for trick-or-treating. I loved the tennis shoes with the costume.

And from the back!

Rhiannon went trick-or-treating a few different times over the weekend. On Friday, Mimi and Papa took her to Dr Amanda's office for candy. She spent Saturday morning with Papa Sweet Pea and Ya-Ya and visited with Angela's parents, Pete and Linda, and cousins Devon and Sawyer. And then Hallow's Eve, she went trick-or-treating with Daddy, Momess, Aunt Katie and cousin Lawson. I rode along in the car and video taped from my reclined seat through the window of the car.

Rhiannon LOVED her costume. We tried it on her the week before Halloween, and she cried when we took it off. It's all she talked about all week leading up to Halloween. And of course, she cried the night we took it off. She was so much fun!! She was able to see family and received way too much candy. My job in the car was to ration the candy to give to her. It went well. One for Rhiannon, two for Mommy. Repeat. I'm shocked we have any left. . .