Monday, January 16, 2012

Helton Creek Falls

MLK weekend. A 3 day, LONG weekend. We have been
crazy busy the last few, well months! With holidays and Russ' brothers wedding on NYE, we were ready for some down time. Russ and I went out with friends on Saturday night and Henry and Rhiannon spent the night with the Crains. Russ' mother has been sick since August and this was the first time that the kids have spent the night with them in months. After breakfast with the Crains we whisked the kids away for a day trip to the mountains. We like to call it "Crains on Tour."

We headed north to Helton Creek Falls. This is a waterfall that is a favorite of mine and Russ'. We also took the kids almost 2 years ago when Henry was a little over a month old.

I got home and downloaded pictures and just couldn't resist posting comparisons. How did 2 years go by so fast? Last trip I had a infant strapped to my chest and a 2 year old that had some trouble hiking the trail. This trip we had a 4 year old hiker and another 2 year old to help along the trail.

So here is the game:
Me and HRC this year:

Me and Henry 2 years ago!

Rhiannon James in 2012

Rhiannon James in 2010

Daddy and his little hiker this year

Daddy and RJ on her first hike

Family of 4 this year

Family of 4 last trip

We had so much fun. The kids loved seeing the falls and talking about the trees and picking up rocks and driving through the mountains.
And of course ended the day with lunch at our favorite Creekside deli in Cleveland and then home for naps.

Henry didn't stop talking the entire trip. He jabbered from the minute we pulled out of the Crains driveway until he fell asleep that afternoon. I thought Rhiannon talked a lot. Henry is giving her some serious competition. "Mommy look!" Mommy! What's that?" "School bus!" "Tractor!" "Woah! Mountains!" He kept me and Russ giggling.
Our cute little chatter box.

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