Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

Happy Mothers Day! I had such a fantastic one this year. Thanks to a relaxing afternoon playing outside with the two little people that made me a Mommy. 
The kids made such sweet things at school this year. And their Daddy was extra good at hiding the gifts from me. So good at it that I was actually mad at the preschool because I thought that they had forgotten to send home Henry's since he was only there on Monday and Wednesday. 
Anyways. Tonight I was getting ready for yucky Monday and packing book bags and i found this book still hidden in her book bag.  And it is the funniest thing I have ever read. My little girl knows me pretty well!

Notice Leroy in the picture!
See, she really knows me!  Notice all the shopping bags.
True statement.
Another truth. Again lots of bags.
Leroy made the shot again. Of course his room is the laundry room.

Oh dear. That appears to be a drink in my hand.
***Update from Monday morning. Rhiannon said that was a BOOK in my hand.  Not a drink.  :)
I do really like my boots.
She makes some pretty darn good scrambled eggs.
And the tear jerker. My favorite.
 I shed a lot of tears today over their gifts. They were all so special. And such a reminder of how big they are getting. 
I am so thankful for them. And this man who helped to provide them.

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