Monday, October 8, 2012

Funny Things from My Mama's Boy

I'm going to ease back into this blogging thing.  I have thought of many things that I wanted to remember.  And that was the main reason for this blog:  to document the lives of our family.  Things in our family got a little crazy over the last few months.  And when I picked up Henry's journal, I realized that it's been a for real long time.  So I'm going blog a little a time.  Even if it's small.  So that I don't forget.

More on why our life is crazy later.  Today I want to blog about the funny things that come out of my two year old's mouth.

Henry is a Mama's Boy.  No joking.  No exaggerating.  I call him my tick because if possible, he would be attached to me at all times.  I'm not complaining.  I love it.  But there comes some funny moments.

That kid is a talker.  Rhiannon is having a bit of trouble (understatement of the year here) adjusting to Kindergarten because she talks too much.  At the last parent teacher conference we were happy to learn that she is improving.  And we took that opportunity to warn the staff:   if you think she talks too much, wait to you meet her little brother.  Let's just say that on our 8 hour trip to the beach, our Henry chatterbox NEVER stopped talking.  Rhiannon will sleep or watch a movie and will rest her mouth for a minute.  Not Henry.  Geez.

He's full time in underwear now.  Potty training him was so easy.  Shockingly easy.  But I think God thought he would let one thing about my dear Henry be easy because He knew he has not been the easiest child.  But Henry wants me to watch him potty.  Like sit there with him.  And talk to him.  While he is doing all his business.  I tried to send him with his Daddy a few nights ago.  Henry screamed:  "No!  I want Mommy to watch me pee pee!!"  Russ replied with "Ok Buddy.  That's a little weird but I'll go get her."  Thanks Daddy.

We were at lunch with the Crains this weekend at TGI Friday's.  The server came up and before he could introduce himself, Henry told him "I'm Henry.  I'm a big boy.  I want pizza to eat.  This is my Mommy.  She wants a hamburger."  My ladies man.  Already taking charge and ordering for his lady.  Thanks sweet boy but there are 4 other people at the table.  The waiter then laughed and asked him what he wanted to drink.  Henry replied.  "I'll take a beer."  I tried to divert the situation by moving on to Rhiannon.  Unfortunately, she told the server she wanted a beer too.  I covered my face with my hands and accepted my Mother of the Year award.

Henry thinks that I belong to him and that Russ belongs to Rhiannon.  Which can sound strange when he tells everyone at dinner "No Rhi Rhi!  Russ is YOUR daddy."  Henry honey, he is your Daddy too.

But there are sweet moments.  Like when I asked him if he remembered Disney World from last fall.  And I asked him what was his favorite thing about Disney, and he responded "You Mommy."  Or when he woke up from his nap and came to find me and told me that I was his "best, best, friend."

And I'm not the only lady in life that kisses and babies him all the time.  There are the grandmothers.  And his teacher.  Henry goes to preschool 2 days a week.  This morning, his teacher, Mrs. Suzanne came and got him out of the car.  He flashed her this really big grin as she greeted him.  Then she carried him all the way in the building, kissing all over him the whole time.  Now when Rhiannon started school at 2 1/2, she walked in the building like she owned the place.  Apparently Henry is carried.  He's irresistible I guess.

You are one sweet kid Henry Russell.  And you may be a Mommy's Boy but this Mommy will take it.  And you can live me until you are 85.  For real.

Your Mommy


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There is NOTHING like a momma and her son. I've experienced many of the same scenarios, okay, maybe not the beer one, and wouldn't change a thing. Keep up the great work, you're raising a great little boy!