Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where is Mama?

Where have I been. Keeping up with you blogs. And not posting any updates to my own.
Why you ask?
Because my d#*n brand new laptop that Russ and I bought for Christmas died. It's sole purpose in it's huge memory glory was to house and edit my photos from my beloved new Nikon.
But instead it died. Right after I downloaded my entire photocard to it. And before I backed it up.
Moral of this story. Don't buy a Gateway. Even if the specs look glorious. It's not.
I think it's coming back today from repair. But they were not hopeful that my hard drive would be restored. So I lost pictures from January and February. Including all the pictures I took of Henry walking for the first time and the cute little Monkey Pops I made for his birthday.
I also cannot download any pictures to update the blog because I don't want to use my work computer. Which I'm on now.
So, no updates. Just a lot of bitterness. Towards Gateway.
But here is a Crain family update. We have put our house on the market! There's a big sign in my front yard. I even bought a statue of St Joseph to bury in the front yard to help sell it. Nope. Not catholic. Just a desperate southen baptist. Who is willing to try some additional prayer and a statue if it will bring us one step closer to building our final home. So, wish us luck!