Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where is Mama?

Where have I been. Keeping up with you blogs. And not posting any updates to my own.
Why you ask?
Because my d#*n brand new laptop that Russ and I bought for Christmas died. It's sole purpose in it's huge memory glory was to house and edit my photos from my beloved new Nikon.
But instead it died. Right after I downloaded my entire photocard to it. And before I backed it up.
Moral of this story. Don't buy a Gateway. Even if the specs look glorious. It's not.
I think it's coming back today from repair. But they were not hopeful that my hard drive would be restored. So I lost pictures from January and February. Including all the pictures I took of Henry walking for the first time and the cute little Monkey Pops I made for his birthday.
I also cannot download any pictures to update the blog because I don't want to use my work computer. Which I'm on now.
So, no updates. Just a lot of bitterness. Towards Gateway.
But here is a Crain family update. We have put our house on the market! There's a big sign in my front yard. I even bought a statue of St Joseph to bury in the front yard to help sell it. Nope. Not catholic. Just a desperate southen baptist. Who is willing to try some additional prayer and a statue if it will bring us one step closer to building our final home. So, wish us luck!


Lorri said...

Bless! That is awful! Do you use Picasa for editing pictues? I immediately send the to Kodak Gallery for that same reason...........because mine died once and I lost some great pictures. Anyway, you can upload your pictures (from Picasa) to whatever online place you use with one click. Makes it soooooooo much easier. Sorry, girl! That stinks!

Shelby said...

Oh my gosh heather!!! Bless your heart! Two months of henry's life is a big deal at his age!!! Should have bought a Dell (haha.. Hopefully you know I'm kidding!!). Congrats on the house. When do you break ground??

Heather said...

Thanks for the suggestion Lorri. I have learned my lesson. Boo. And Shelby, we have not broken ground yet. We are still in the planning phase. The timeline is to start construction this time next year. So why is my house on the market now? Spring is better time to list, by yard looks much better this time of year, and we can rent cheaper until construction is finished and bank away more savings.

Hope said...

We bought a Gateway last year, and haven't had any problems yet. Now I'm worried!
I too learned my lesson the hard way about backing up pictures. 2 weeks after we came back from our wedding/honeymoon, my Dell suddenly began making a horrible noise and would not boot up.
Hard drive: destroyed. No way to recover my honeymoon or wedding pics. The only ones I have are the few my parents had. Now I put everything on shutterfly just in case. I'm sorry it happened to you!
I hope St. Joseph, the patron of carpentry, brings you much luck! :)