Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 days

In just 4 short days, my little brother will be getting married.

Stephen and I are almost exactly 2 years apart. Both July babies. And since the moment Mama and Dad brought him home from the hospital, we've been best friends. After our parents divorced, we would visit my Dad's every other weekend, together. We would go to my Granny Howard's while my mother worked every day, together. When I started kindergarten, my little buddy walked me to the top of our driveway and waited with me until the bus picked me up. I think it's a little strange that my Mama let her 3 year old stand by the road with only his 5 year old sister and no adult but she claims she watched from the front door. After the bus picked me up, he walked back down to the house to wait on me to get off the bus that afternoon.

We have always been the best of playmates and as adults, truly the best of friends. I usually speak to him at least once a day. Lately, like 15 million times a day but who is counting?
As the days count down until his big day, I'm so thankful that he's found his love. It's all I have ever wanted for him. I always knew he would make someone an incredible husband one day. And I'm going to take just a little credit in that.

Welcome to our family Jenny. We're blessed to have you. Thank you again for the permanent smile you put on my little brother's face.

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