Sunday, April 17, 2011

My birthday Monkey

Good news! I got my stupid Gateway back! And guess what? I lost all my pictures just as I feared. So I have sulked for a couple of weeks. But I need to focus on the good news. I still have all the pictures of Henry's birthday party. Along with some great pics that my best bud Jessica took of his party as well.

So my boy turned one on Feb 22. I struggled with where to have his party. Winter is a tough time to have a birthday. I didn't want to rent something for a baby's birthday. So we chose to have it at our home. Trouble is our home. It ain't big. And our family is. BIG. So we decided just to have a small little gathering.

And I decided on a monkey theme.

Monkey pops!

Henry had a monkey "Henry is one" t-shirt to wear for early party and cake eating. Then a monkey longall for after cake. I made monkey cake pops. We had monkey plates and party favors. (I had more pictures of all this. . . but you know. . . they're in cyber space)

Henry had a stomach bug the day of his party. I did not know this yet. But right before his party he exploded all over his monkey t-shirt. I threw it in the washer to clean before the party. It was not quite dry yet when the guests arrived. So they were greated with this. Yes, he is holding Cinderella.

"See my belly button?" We like to party redneck style! I promise I put a shirt on the child eventually.

Henry was not a big fan of his cake. Probably because he was sick. (You can send me my Mother of the Year award at any time.) But the monkey pop made a nice cake smashing tool. But see? He's wearing a shirt now!

Monkey outfit #2 and opening gifts.

Henry and his grandfathers. Two of them anyway. These two particular pictures melt my heart.


And all of the little party people. Yes, this is outfit #3 for Henry. This one was not planned but he pooped on outfits #1 and #2. Luckily, this had a monkey on it too. Henry is flirting with Kate here. Michele and I may set them up one day. Henry likes older women.

And I had to add this one. These two beautiful ladies are my oldest friends. Jessica and I have been friends since 4th grade. And we met Heather (yes Jessica has two Heather's) in middle school. This pic is of the three of us and our kids. We take this picture every year. And lately we've been adding a kid every year! I think we're done adding now though. . . From left to right: Jessica, Colton (Heather's), Isabella (Jessica's) is holding Henry, I'm holding the newest addition Cooper (Heather's) and then Hudson (Jessica's) and Rhiannon and her shoe. Age of children? 7, 5, 4 (next week), 3, 1 and 9 months.

Thanks for all that celebrated with us. Happy Birthday Henry!