Monday, July 19, 2010

One photo, two kids. . .

You start with one kid. . .

that's in a super good mood. . .
You then try to persuade your almost 3 year old that she wants to take a picture with her brother.

You attempt to bribe her by letting her take a picture first of her brother.You get her on the couch. She's not thrilled about the idea. Maybe because he just pulled out a fairly large chunk of her hair. He's still happy though.
Okay Rhiannon, hold his hand so he won't pull your hair.
Nope, Rhiannon. That's not Henry's hand.
Yes mam. That's your hand.

Almost there. . .


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Big News!

Where have I been right? Working + 2 kids = one tired Mama. But stay tuned for more posts and pictures.

But the most important news is. . .


That's right folks. Believe it! It's true. Stephen and Jenny got engaged last night.

This may be the happiest news I have ever received. I'm truly giddy. I apologize to my sweet husband but I'm almost as happy as when I got engaged. Stephen and Jenny are perfect for each other and he just seems so content. As if she was who he has been waiting for. She was meant for him and he for her.

Oh, and I helped to set them up. So, I feel a little tiny bit of pride in this union.

But, mostly happy. I hope they are as happy as me and Russ. And produce a ton of nieces and nephews for me one day.

The happy couple:

Congratulations Stephen and Jenny! We love you!!