Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Crains on the Move

I mentioned how infrequent I have been in my blogging.  It's been a very busy few months.  To catch you up on our "project."

We have always had intentions on building a house.  My parents live in a subdivision that my stepfather developed about 25 years ago.  Before it was a subdivision it was our family farm.  My parents picked out their lot, the only lake lot in the subdivision, and built there house about 20 years ago.  They sold the other lots over the years except for 4 that they saved for each of us kids.  I have always known which one I wanted.  The lot right beside my parents that has these beautiful old stately oaks in the front yard and a gorgeous view of the creek below surrounded by mountain laurels like you were deep in the North GA mountains.

Last March we started working towards this goal by meeting with builders.  A year later, we finalized a house plan and a builder and were ready to get going.  We had tried to sell our current home but decided that we didn't want to pay someone to buy it.  So, in the end we decided to rent it.  My parents were nice enough to allow us to live in the top floor of their house so that we could save some $ while we were building and be next to the construction.  We are packed in pretty tight.  My mother, well, she likes clothes.  So after all her kids moved out, she took over every, single, walk-in closet in the entire house.  So this is a picture of the other side of my and Russ' bedroom.

I should explain the living arrangements.  Russ and I have a bedroom and our own bath.  The kids are sharing a room.  Which has worked out quite nicely.  We packed up Henry's crib and he is sleeping on a daybed and Rhiannon has her own big bed.  Henry is loud but Rhiannon sleeps like a rock.  I think they may miss sharing a bedroom once we get in our new place.  They have their own bath.  The other bedroom we turned into a living room/playroom.  It's a nice set up.  We help pay utilities and we buy groceries and cook dinner.  Oh, when I say "we" cook dinner.  "We" = Russ.  :)  This summer we had the pool in our backyard and the kids have loved living with their grandparents.  But by February, we will hopefully be out of here.  And that will be nice too.  Although, I think maybe my parents have gotten used to Russ' cooking so we may be setting two extra plates at dinner.

Some construction pics:

We were really excited about the sign!
Rhi was excited about her boots.  


Henry doing a drive by.

We have a roof!

Rhi says we have it all "wrapped up".  

One of our trails.  
Down at the creek.  Taken during a picnic!

And some pictures of our "backyard".  My favorite.

As of today, the roof is now finished.  The windows and exterior doors are in place.  The electric and plumbing are almost complete.  Hardy plank is being put on now and brick will be next.

I will keep you updated with pictures.

I'm out.  I still have no idea where my winter coats are. . .